Watched A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge last night and it so lame! I had never seen it but expected so much more! At any rate, here are some interesting facts about the movie from IMDB

  1. Film runs 87 minutes long, but Freddy only appears in 13 minutes
  2. In the opening sequence, the bus driver is Robert Englund without the heavy “Freddy Krueger” make-up and his signature clothing.   
  3. It was the only Nightmare movie that didn’t feature a female lead character
  4. Wes Craven refused to work on the film because he never intended A Nightmare on Elm Street to be a franchise (and even wanted a happy ending to the first film!)
  5. The movie broke a lot of the Nightmare rules, like Freddy appearing in places other than dreams (the pool scene, for example)
  6. There’s a ton of homoerotic subtext in the film.
  7. Brad Pitt, John Stamos and Christian Slater all auditioned for the role of Jesse.   
  8. New Line originally refused to give Robert Englund a pay raise, and an extra was cast as Freddy at the start of production. After two weeks of filming, Robert Shaye realized his error and met Englund’s demands.   
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    Aaaaah imagine Christian Slater as Jesse, why did this not happen? It would have been perfect. PERFECT
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